"Digging out" after the loss of a loved one...

   Nancy was a lifesaver after my husband of 42 years died.  She arrived for each visit with a huge smile (framed by her dangling earrings), loads of energy and sooooo many great ideas on how I could make sense of the "pack-rat mountain" that my husband had left behind.  She worked like a dog on every visit and helped me for close to three years while I struggled with my loss and started learning to live solo.  I have now successfully down-sized and am very happy in my very organized new digs.  I am sure it would have taken me several more years to get to this point if I hadn't had Nancy's strength, kindness, sensitivity and energy behind me.  If you are looking for someone who will respect you and your loved ones and help you "dig out" when things seem hopeless, Nancy is for you! - Pam R., Virginia Beach VA

Residential Relocation

   In preparation for our pending move my wife and I were totally overwhelmed as we faced the clutter in our existing home.  A family member recommended professional organizer Nancy Watson.  In working with Nancy we were able to move forward with our relocation plans with anticipation instead of dread!  Here’s what Nancy did for us in three days!

• Improved the quality of life in our home. I can now easily locate items that have eliminated a lot of frustration in our lives. I no longer spend money buying redundant items that can’t be found. The esthetics of a less cluttered house made our house a home that is pleasant to be in.

• Overcome perfection. One issue that has been a roadblock to organizing on my own has been the need for perfection. Prior attempts on my own have been far from perfect, which had led to discouragement and led to giving up. Nancy helped me get past the notion of seeking a perfect solution and coached me to a functional solution based on the resources available.

• Letting go of memorabilia and processing grief. Nancy was patient in talking with me about items that were once owned by loved ones. I discovered that I didn’t use these items, and getting rid of them in no way minimized the importance of the loved one or the value of their memories.

• Downsizing. My wife and I combined households about five years ago and have at least two of everything.  We have had limited success in disposing of items that are no longer needed. Each of us wanted the other to get rid of their stuff. Nancy worked with each of us individually to dispose of our own items. This approach was very affective. Stuff really started moving out the door!

• Organized firearms collection. I love guns. Everything about them. Used to be all over the house and garage. Nancy helped select a gun safe that was appropriate for my needs, helped sort out ammo and store it in appropriate containers, and helped organize shooting accessories. I feel much better about this from a security and liability point of view; this is a huge load off my shoulders.

• Organized important papers. I never know what evil paper dragon is going to crawl out of the woodwork, so I save almost everything. Nancy explained which documents should be safeguarded and which could be discarded. We used to have a paper shredder that would laboriously shred four pages at a time in a course single column style shred. I used to have a stack of paper to be shredded that I never would get to because the old shredder was so inconvenient to use. Eventually the pile would get so large, I’d burn it in the fireplace rather than use the old shredder. Nancy assisted in selecting a better quality paper shredder that is very easy to use, has greater capacity and shreds more effectively. I now shred as soon as I come across something that needs to be shredded. No more to be shredded pile.

• Saved money. My wife and I chose to pay a disposal service to get rid of unneeded items. Nancy saved us about half the cost of disposal by donating, selling, and recycling items. Having a third party segregate the items turned an overwhelming task into a problem that was solved literally overnight.

• Hazardous material disposal. Nancy was very helpful with disposing of common household chemicals and automotive fluids. She knew how to find public resources that accept household Hazardous Material for free; another money saver. She was very knowledgeable about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and local compliance issues.

• Organized tools. Nancy helped me sort tools by purpose (home repair, auto repair, hobbies) and by frequency of use. We placed commonly used tools in readily accessible cabinets and drawers. We placed seldom-used tools in storage bins.

• Disposed of dead trees and yard waste. Nancy helped me arrange for pickup of two cut down trees and yard waste that had accumulated faster than the weekly city pickup could remove. Overnight improvement! - Charles and Darcy, San Jose, California

Home Organization

   I was a busy and overwhelmed physician and mother of an autistic child trying to keep my head above water in life.  There never seemed to be enough time in the day to get everything done, including keeping my house clean and organized, eating right and exercising, and taking care of my son's many special needs.  Then I met Nancy.

   After my very first session with Nancy, I felt like I could breath again as we had created a place in my home where I could sit, relax, and enjoy my own space.  She was compassionate and supportive of my son’s special needs.  During subsequent sessions, together we tackled the dining room, kitchen, and my son's room with great success.  With Nancy's help my house continues to evolve into the home I had originally envisioned it to be.  The impact of Nancy’s services to our family has been phenomenal and enabled me to be a more effective parent and physician! - Virginia Beach Physician and Parent Of An Autistic Child

Home Office Organization

   I was overwhelmed in my office with the disorganization and mess.  I called Nancy Watson but I wasn't sure about this. Why couldn't I clean up my own mess?  But, after about 15 minutes, I knew I had called the right person.  She was gentle in helping me decide what to throw or give away. Not only is she good at what she does, she is fun to work with also.  My office felt so much lighter and airier, therefore I felt better about working there. Nancy took everything away with her and sent me receipts for what she had donated.  What a treat! As good as having a massage.   Nancy is so positive and doesn't have "I don't know or I can't” in her vocabulary.  I look forward to her return. - Retired Educator, Virginia Beach

Residential Organizing and Hospice for a Hoarding client, A note from the family

   My sister, Debbie was dealing with cancer, working full time and living alone.   Originally Nancy was hired to help with organizing papers, finances and generally organize her home as well as for safety concerns.  Progress began with her house and papers were orderly filed due to Nancy's expertise.  However, Debbie's health declined rapidly.  I will never forget phoning Nancy one Sunday evening in need of help caring for Debbie and she appeared at the front door Monday morning with a big smile, ready and willing to help.   When the time came for hospice care, we found out that Nancy was trained for this also.  She proceeded in helping to get a hospital bed into the house, as well as helping the health care providers; plan Debbie's meds and always providing a much-needed schedule for her medications.  Whatever was needed, Nancy expertly provided in order to relieve some of the stress that comes with a terminally ill family member.  She was such a tremendous help at a much-needed time!  I know God brought her into our lives for which I am very thankful!

   It was a very difficult and sad time when Debbie passed away.  Nancy took the lead for the funeral preparations in the way that Debbie wanted.   She oversaw everything from the food, the flowers, and the church bulletin and even put together a video of pictures of Debbie! 

   We then hired Nancy as an assistant executor of Debbie's estate where she professionally handled all of the probate issues, insurance, etc.  I really don't know what we would have done without her!  

   As for myself… I asked Nancy to come and help me at MY house!  We were having some remodeling work done at home, which was on hold with my sister’s health and passing.  Nancy came in and reorganized and restaged my home office and bedroom so that they were livable again, and when the construction was done she kept on going, cleaning out closets and just getting the house back in order. She even arranged installation of a new garage door and cleaned up the yard.

   Nancy Watson is a wonder, pure and simple. - Beth, Norfolk, Virginia

 Adult Children of Hoarders in Crisis

   In August of this year, my husband had started doing research on hoarding in order to get a handle on resolving a family situation, which now involved medical aspects. In September, he had found Nancy Watson, a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® (CPO-CD) who had not only knowledge, but also personal experience in this phenomenon. She isn't just "textbook," she is a veritable warrior. By October, she had become a friend to us. Her compassion, candidness, and advice have been invaluable. She is a fountain of resources, and has twice now spent a good deal of her time to follow-up on our status. She has taken a personal, vested interest in our case and has made sure that we do not become emotionally jeopardized nor financially compromised in dealing with this... two risks that often result when family decides to take on this kind of situation full-on. I know that when our situation does come to a head I can count on Nancy to be objective to the methods, yet sensitive in the approaches that must be taken to avoid damage and family drama. She is an absolute Godsend who has restored my faith and strength in this seemingly hopeless position, convincing my husband and me that this sort of behavior can be modified over time, resulting in a very positive outcome. I, without hesitation, would recommend her services and problem-solving skills to anyone who finds himself involved in this type of desperate and monumental situation. - T.M.S., Ashburn, Virginia 

 Senior Relocation

   Family had been living with us temporarily while their new home was being finished.  When the time came for them to finally move we were overwhelmed with all the work that needed to be done.  They needed help getting settled and we wanted our house back!  Their stuff was everywhere.  We heard about Nancy Watson with Harmony at Home Organizing so decided to seek her professional guidance in tackling this task.  

    In one weekend, Nancy gave us the help we needed and the job was completed!  Her services were just amazing and she is so great at what she does!  The overwhelming projects were made manageable and we had fun too!  Her positive energy was so refreshing and her efficiency unbelievable!  It seemed like we were done in no time!  It was a pleasure working with her!  Our home is harmonious again! - J. F., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Residential and Commercial Office Organization

   My husband and I are busy professionals with two young kids, and our house was just a mess!  Toys everywhere, and then there were the papers! When it just got to be too much, I called Nancy Watson to come in and restore some harmony to our home!

    She sorted and organized toys, papers and clothes, and just generally got the house back into shape.  She got some repairs done, cleaned out the attic and even got a handyman in to install a light in the attic so we can actually use the space.

   She did such a great job, that I asked for her help in organizing and cleaning my office to get it ready to move.  In five hours, we had things ready to go and, because of what she did, my new office presents a much better image to my colleagues and clients.

    Harmony at home and at work…it’s great! - Dawn P., Norfolk, Virginia

Residential - Vacation Home Organization

   My family owns a lake house, which had been occupied by renters for some time.  When the tenants moved out, we decided that it was time to do some serious work on the property.  We brought in Harmony at Home to assist. 

Nancy not only supervised the re-wiring of the house, she painted, washed windows, fixed the washer and dryer, changed out window blinds, organized and cleaned the house from top to bottom, inside and out.  After everything was completed she helped pack the items from the storage unit and relocated those furnishings back into the house.   She even drove the truck!

I would recommend Nancy to anyone who needs help organizing their home.  She is reliable, honest and absolutely one of the hardest working people I have ever met.  It was a pleasure to work with her, and she did an absolutely fantastic job.  I will certainly use Harmony at Home again. - Susan H., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Residential - Craft Room Organization

    “I am an avid weaver, teacher and lover of art. This passion had kind of taken over my house!  Plus, I had inherited things from both my mother and my aunt, and it was all getting to be more than a little bit paralyzing, and was definitely hampering my ability to do my weaving and other projects.  So I brought in Nancy from Harmony at Home to rescue me!

    After getting a handle on what needed to be done, and what my goals were, Nancy got to work organizing my craft room.  She cleaned, got rid of things I really didn’t need or want any more, reorganized all of my craft supplies and created workable storage and work areas, brought in more light, put up curtains and even relocated my loom.

    Now my craft room is usable again, and I love it!  I don’t think I ever could have done it with Nancy’s skills and hard work.  Thank you, Nancy!” - A. M., Gifted Education Teacher, Norfolk Public Schools

Residential - Senior Living Organization

   “When I was put in charge of my 83-year old mother’s affairs, it didn’t take long for me to get overwhelmed.  On top of the sheer volume of papers that my mom had been keeping in her home office, it was not at all organized.  I needed help, and turned to Harmony at Home Organizing. Nancy had been a huge help for me in my home, so I thought she could help out here, too.

   Nancy came in and I quickly saw that she knew how to deal with this very situation.  She sorted through the huge amount of stuff and gave me a thorough accounting of what was there.  From that starting point we were able to clear out the unnecessary stuff and get it all organized so that I felt prepared to deal with it, and to better handle mom’s affairs.  And Nancy got it all done in just five hours!

   Mom was so happy to have her office cleaned up, and to finally be able to actually get her walker into the room safely.  And I can enjoy my time with mom again, instead of worrying.  And mom wants Nancy to come back and help with the rest of her clutter!” - Grateful daughter of  M. D., Norfolk, Virginia

Residential - Whole House Organization

   “How can I briefly explain all that Nancy did when she came over to help me with the clutter that was making my life so stressful?

   For over two years, I just let the house go. My husband was having daily dialysis treatments and nothing else seemed important. I had my hands full, and life was simply overwhelming and the house was mess. When I met Nancy, and asked her to help, I know no idea what a good decision it was. She stepped in and helped me to simplify things.  We sorted through clothes, books and the accumulated stuff that was weighing me down. We purged and organized, cleaned and finally overcame the clutter. It was like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

   Our home is now a much more pleasant environment, and life feels less out of control. She didn't just do and go but has kept in touch to keep giving me inspiration and support. There is more to do, however, and I can’t wait for Nancy to come back!” - Conni K.,Hampton, Virginia

Residential - Whole House Organization

   “I'm a retired minister and knew I needed help organizing our house --after my husband and I married in 2001, combining possessions of our 2 houses.  All too soon he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, after which I became focused on his care, and just let the house go.  Things that needed to be put away-- weren't; things that should have been thrown away--weren't.  Before my husband died, my son made an Internet search for a "home organizer" and found Nancy!  I got in touch with her, and just talking with her--before meeting her--I realized that SHE was the one I wanted to work with me and the 'stuff' in my house.  After my husband died, we were able to work out time for her to begin with my house, to make sense of my life as a single again.  She was so flexible to work around my schedule when I unexpectedly was called back to work.  Gently, she worked with me to bring about some sanity and order not only to my home, but also to my life.  She has skills and knowledge of plumbing, mechanical, electrical problems that she found, and is savvy with computer/hi-tech capabilities.  Nancy Watson is one of the most energetic, and positive women I've ever encountered, and had answers to all the household problems we found.  I feel so fortunate to have her in my life! What an amazing transformation she has brought about in my home, and incidentally in me!  THANK YOU, Nancy!!!!” - Rev Elinor Ritchie Dalton, Associate Pastor, Thalia United Methodist Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Residential - Whole House Organization

    "I was lucky enough to be given the gift of Nancy Watsons’ services as an employee benefit from my boss.  We were living in a small townhouse, with our three children, one who was a newborn at the time. Being a working mom, I didn't have enough time to do it all, and the house was disorganized and chaotic.  Nancy came in and, in just TEN hours, she got the whole house organized.  She installed shelving, got rid of things I didn't need, hung artwork throughout the house and just helped me to calm the chaos.  Most of all, she sorted out my home office and helped us figure out what important information needed to be saved and what could be shredded.  Having it be more functional means a lot to me.  She also went above and beyond organizing to discuss personal family issues in a sensitive and supportive manner.  Thanks, Nancy – for the peace of mind!" - Ms. Erica L., Virginia Beach, Virginia

Assisted Living - Relocation

   “I can’t express how much Nancy helped me with my move to my new home in assisted living.  She helped me downsize and organize my possessions in my new apartment.  While being efficient and businesslike, Nancy also was very considerate in working with this 88-year-old man.  One of my dilemmas was my broken television, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a new one.  Nancy went above and beyond, by locating a used television at a reasonable price.  She hung all my pictures, rearranged my photographs, put things in my closets, set up my cable television, and programmed my new remote.  She made arrangements for my utilities to be transferred and set up my telephones.  At my age, I wasn’t sure I could make this move with all that had to be done, but with Nancy’s abilities and insight I was totally resettled in my new apartment in two days.  I sure hope I don’t have to move again but, if I do, I know whom to call.  She’s a gem.” - Mr. Jim Phelan, San Leandro, California

Assisted Living - Relocation

   “When I moved into an assisted living community several years ago, I really struggled with figuring how many of my belongings I should bring with me, and just the whole process of setting up and organizing a new, much smaller, home.  To make a long story short, I brought too much with me, and it became a source of stress – stress I simply didn’t need or want in my life.  But I just had no idea where to start to fix the problem.  Then I met Nancy, whose father lived in the same community.  When I found out that she was an organizer, I asked for her help.  It was the smartest thing I could have done!  In no time, she was helping me purge, organize, and rearrange my living space into something I found more comfortable, safer and easier to keep neat and clean.  She seemed to have a sixth sense about what I needed, and she really listened to me and understood what I was dealing with.  With Nancy’s help, my life is now more peaceful, more carefree and full of joy.   Thanks, Nancy!” - Ms. A. Martino, San Leandro, California

Commercial - Medical Office Organization

   “Nancy is like a magic tornado that sweeps through a room and leaves it immaculate.  I was so swamped with paperwork I didn't know where to begin and thought it was something only I could tackle.  I found Nancy through a friend and knew immediately she was someone I could trust and that she would take the task seriously.  She does much more than organize— she cleans and fixes and decorates along the way and she has genuine fun helping her clients.  She helped me decide what to discard and helped me better contain what needed to stay.  She helped me set up a filing system so that I can stay caught up with paperwork and know that anything that I need is at the tip of my fingertips.  I am having her duplicate that system at my husband's new office.  As she worked on my office I could feel the tension ease out of my neck.  Now when I go home I feel the tension return.  I don't know where to begin there and certainly don't need to reinvent the wheel.  I have her scheduled to tackle my home next, including childproofing and helping with my home office.  I have recommended her to many people but let them know she has to finish helping me first!” - Dr. Laura Burke, O.D., Optometrist, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Residential - Relocation & Unpacking

   “For 3 years I lived with moving boxes…boxes in every room. Boxes in the garage. Boxes everywhere!

    Overwhelmed! I went from a 3-bed house to a 2-bed condo. I was willing to purge, but short on time, energy and motivation. I didn’t know where to start!

    It took me at least a year to finally check out the NAPO website. Nancy Watson’s entry caught my eye…succinct. Nancy’s style is similar…she is punctual, organized, hard-working and fast-moving. 

    I used my vacation time…one day per week to allow for recuperation time since I don’t move as quickly as Nancy, and within a month, my home was box-free, organized and clutter-free. Nancy Watson is an absolute gem! We worked one room at a time. She hauled load after load to Goodwill. She told me what products to get to facilitate the process. My overdue “move-in” wouldn’t have happened without Nancy’s help. She’s worth her rate! Nancy Watson is the best investment you can make for you and your home.” - BKW, Hampton

Commercial - Executive Office Organization

   “Organized, it is a feeling like no other.  In management school they stressed that being organized will help you get your job done.  This is true, but being organized will help you eliminate the stress you carry around with you day and night.

   I have felt great ever since having Nancy Watson professionally organized my business work space.  I feel less stress and I get more accomplished because I, not my administrative assistant, can turn and find the resource material I need to get my job done efficiently.  I highly recommend Nancy.  She is a fireball and did not waste any time getting me on the right track.” - John Westbrook, General Manager, Lynnhaven Mall, Virginia Beach

Residential - Garage Organization

   “When Nancy Watson came to help me sort through my garage full of "treasures", she brought new meaning to what it is to be organized.  She rapidly sorted through "keepers", "maybes", and "discards".  She soon had several large stacks of discards which she took to the Good Will Center, returning with an itemized list to be used for taxes.  But she wasn't through yet; she then organized my office such that I can retrieve any of my records by opening a file drawer rather than sorting through stacks of papers.  When she finished with my closets, I was minus all the shoes that I hadn't worn in years and dresses that had long since gone out of style.  To put it simply, she de-stressed my life.  She did all this and much, much more with an enthusiastic and joyful attitude that made it all fun to do.  She's a wonder and a gift to all who have the privilege of working with her.” - Betty Renaldi, Business Consultant & Owner, Renaldi and Associates, Virginia Beach

Residential - Digital Home Inventory

   “After spending two weeks in Gulfport Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina conducting Tax Brief on Causality and Theft Loss procedures, it was clear to me that the majority of people did not have a record of what they own.   With everything they owned gone in a flash and no record of what was their in the first place, I started recommending to people to take pictures of what they own so when insurance adjusters required proof of ownership they would have it.  One never knows when a natural disaster or just simply a disaster will happen.  A fire, flood, theft, or tornado are all things that happen on a daily basis and proof of what you had is a requirement for insurance company to pay claims and for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist.  

   Nancy produced a digital inventory of my entire house with a spreadsheet listing serial numbers of electrical items and a room by room listing of all major items.  On completion she provided my two copies of the spreadsheet and a digital inventory so I may keep one on hand and one in another location in case a disaster was ever to happen.  This is something I now recommend everyone do.  This is something I hope I never need but will be very thankful if I ever do.  Remember pictures are with a thousand words or dollars in the payment of insurance claims.” - Michele  Viola-Hudak, Tax Specialist, Norfolk, Virginia

Residential - Whole House Organization

   “After my husband passed away and I was experiencing health problems, I decided that I needed help in putting my affairs in order.  Nancy Watson cam highly recommended and I soon found out why.  She began working in the garage and finished with the attic.  With my approval, she disposed of tools, clothing, pots and pans, and many unused items accumulated over the years.  She even organized kitchen cabinets complete with new shelf liners.  When she finished her work with me, my house and everything in it was perfectly organized, including my office.  I am so relieved to have my life in order and my children are grateful, too.  God bless you, Nancy; you're an angel.” - Ruth Berry, Air Force Widow, Virginia Beach, Virginia